Trekking off to another Gem or Fossil Hunt is always the best!

Stop Over on the North Cascade Hiway

Stopping to enjoy the view of the North Cascade Highway. The trip is to Republic Washington for a Fossil Hunt.

Stonerose -Republic, Washington
This is a very important area for the collection of fossils of Trees/Vegetation/Fish and Insects. Researchers come from around the world to study fossils that are found at this location.

Boot Hill. This is the primary hunting area at Stonerose. Patience is key to finding the Fossils. Each stone you split and bring forth an exciting find or nothing at all. It is like spending the day inside a Box of Cracker Jacks. You know if you keep digging eventually you will have the special fnd of the day.

This area know as the Corner Lot is an off limits area for digging. We had special permission to come into this area and spend a few hours of digging to see if we could find another great find.